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Setup Applets in Netscape 7.x / Mozilla 1.4

These instructions configure Netscape 7.1 and Mozilla 1.4 to run NeXtMidas applets. Since both browsers are based on the Mozilla/5.0 engine, the configuration procedures are identical.

Verify Java Plug-In is Installed
  1. Start either Netscape or Mozilla.
  2. Select Help/About Plug-ins. -OR-
    Type "about:plugins" in the location text area of your browser.
  3. The "Installed plug-ins" page lists all of the plug-ins installed on your computer. If you see a heading similar to "Java(TM) Plug-in 1.5.0_12-b05," then you have the appropriate Java Plug-In. If the Java Plug-In is not installed, see the next section.
Install the Java Plug-In

This may require System Administrator access

  1. Download the recent version of the Java Development Kit (JDK) from "", and install the JDK as directed.
  2. (Linux/Solaris Only) Provide Netscape/Mozilla with access to the Java Plug-In library:
    1. cd into the browser's plugins directory:
      /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins (This requires System Administrator access) Or
      ~/.mozilla/plugins (Changes will only be effective for user)
    2. Locate the appropriate plugin library (this is the only file in the $JAVAHOME/jre/plugin/i386/(ns610 or ns7) directory). $JAVAHOME is the JDK installation directory, i386 is the system platform type (use sol on Solaris), and ns610 or ns7 is the browser class (ns for Netscape/Mozilla, followed by a semi-arbitrary version number).
    3. Create a symbolic link with "ln -s library" (library is the absolute path of the library found in the previous step). The link must be a symbolic link; you can not make a hard link or copy the library.

Note: If you only use NeXtMidas as an applet on Windows, then download the Plug-In from and install it separately from the rest of JDK.