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Release Information   
Getting Help   
Basic Concepts   
Result Parameters   
XML Support   
System Operation   
Applets and WebStart   
X-Midas Interoperability   
Third-Party Compatibility   
   - Apache   
   - Web Browsers   
      - Applets in Netscape / Mozilla   
      - Applets in Firefox   
      - Applets in Internet Explorer   
      - WebStart with Netscape / Mozilla   
      - WebStart with Firefox   
      - WebStart with Internet Explorer   
   - Java   
   + WebStart   
   - Profilers   
   - NetBeans   
   - Eclipse   
   - JBuilder   
   - Intel Fortran Compiler   
   - Portland Group Compiler   
   - SWIG   
   - VNC   
Installation and Customization   
Running NeXtMidas Independently   

Web Browsers

Configuration for Applets

A NeXtMidas applet embeds its graphics on an HTML page. To run NeXtMidas applets on your browser, select the appropriate link for configuration instructions:

Configuration for Web Start

Java Web Start enables you to launch NeXtMidas applications with a single click from your web browser. Select the appropriate link for configuration instructions: