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Using NeXtMidas as an X-Midas Option Tree Demos

These demos assume that both the NXM option tree is installed.

Run the NeXtMidas DEMO

X-Midas> res myval 1234
X-Midas> opt
X-Midas> aux
X-Midas> demo

Inside the NeXtMidas run-time terminal:
    nM> res/global xm
    nM> res/global xm.myval2 abc
    nM> aux
    nM> opt

After exiting the NeXtMidas demo:
X-Midas> res myval2
  • Shows that NeXtMidas can pick up the X-Midas option trees and path.
  • Shows that NeXtMidas can interact with the X-Midas AUX list and results.

Run the SD360 demo but using NeXtMidas to plot the raster

X-Midas> sd360/nmplot 1e9
  • Shows that an X-Midas macro can be modified to use the NeXtMidas PLOT command.
  • Shows NeXtMidas can plot X-Midas pipes.

Plot NGA images with the NeXtMidas PLOT command (requires MAP option tree and NGA images)

X-Midas> xmp +map
X-Midas> geoplot

Use NeXtMidas to NOOP a URL to a local file

X-Midas> nm/on/bg
X-Midas> nm noop temp
X-Midas> xraster temp
X-Midas> nm/off

Use NeXtMidas to convert an XML file to a BLUE file

Create a file in your HOME directory named temp_xml.xml with the following XML data:

    <LOC NAME="HOMER" SSN="123-45-6789" CITY="SPRINGFIELD" ZIP="12321" />
    <LOC NAME="MARGE" SSN="123-45-6780" CITY="SPRINGFIELD" ZIP="12321" />

Now run:

X-Midas> nm/on/bg
X-Midas> nm convert/xmlkey="xml|persdata" temp_xml.xml{AUX=HOME} xml2b temp
X-Midas> xdatalist temp
X-Midas> nm/off