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Using JBuilder with NeXtMidas

WARNING: This is a BETA version of the JBuilder support. It refers to the current working version, and may change significantly before the next release.
This section is intended as a reference for experienced JBuilder users. Since JBuilder is not officially supported, new users are encouraged to use NetBeans.

Register the NeXtMidas Widgets

NeXtMidas comes with two new Swing widgets that embed plots and other NeXtMidas displays within the GUIs created with JBuilder. These instructions register NeXtMidas Widgets with JBuilder:

  1. Inside the "Design" pane of JComponent, right-click on the "Swing" tab and select "Properties...."
  2. Press "Select Library," and then "New...."
  3. Enter the "Name" of "NeXtMidas," and click "Add...."
  4. Select the nxm-sys.jar JAR file (located in the $NMROOT/jars directory), and click "Ok."
  5. Select "Ok" in each window until it returns to the "Palette Properties" window.
  6. Select "Swing" as the "Palette page to receive components."
  7. Select "JavaBeans in jar manifest only" and "Add From Selected Library."
  8. Click "Ok" until it returns to the editor.

When you create new panels for an existing NeXtMidas macro, make sure the class being created extends javax.swing.JFrame and not simply javax.swing.JComponent.

For tips, information, and an explanation on NeXtMidas using the panel, go to NetBeans.