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Getting Help

NeXtMidas provides numerous sources of online help and documentation to assist both new and experienced users:

  • Online documentation (viewable via a web browser at $NMROOT/htdocs/index.html):
    NeXtMidas User's Guide
    The ultimate reference for all aspects of the NeXtMidas framework.
    (You are looking at it.)
    NeXtMidas Training Course
    A complete training course designed for those new to NeXtMidas. Intended for use either in a class room setting or as a self-paced online training tool.
    Library API
    The Javadoc-generated library documentation for each installed option tree.
    Option Tree Documentation (for each installed option tree)
    Concept Help - Explains the concepts used in the option tree.
    Explain Files - The same explain files available via the EXPLAIN command viewable in a web browser.
    Library API - The Javadoc-generated library documentationfor each command.
  • Documentation available within a NeXtMidas session (at the OS prompt, NOT the NeXtMidas "nM>" prompt).
    nm -help
    Displays NeXtMidas command syntax, environment variables, and runtime options.
  • Documentation available inside the NeXtMidas shell:
    DEFAULT <command>
    Lists default values for a given command.
    See the explain file for DEFAULT for more details.
    EXPLAIN <command>
    Provides the most detailed description about the calling sequence and performance of a specified command.
    See the explain file for EXPLAIN for more details.
    HELP <command>
    Similar to the EXPLAIN command.
    See the explain file for HELP for more details.
    Brings up a graphical help browser that includes the online help.
    Provides an up-to-date list of all NeXtMidas commands available for execution.
    See the explain file for MENU for more details.
    QUERY <object> <method>
    Provides documentation for the Java methods that can be accessed via the INVOKE command.
    See the explain file for QUERY for more details.
  • Command completion inside the NeXtMidas shell:
    A question mark (?) appearing at the end of a partial command line prompts NeXtMidas for command arguments. For example,
    nM> status ?
    gives the following prompt:
    After each prompt, NeXtMidas displays the completed command line which you can either edit or press ENTER to execute.
    A TAB can be used to complete commands, file names or result names in the shell.