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Compatibility with Third-Party Software

This section covers special considerations and configuration directions to ensure compatibility between NeXtMidas and popular third-party software.

  • Apache - Using NeXtMidas with an Apache web server.
  • Web Browsers - Configuring major web browsers to use Java WebStart and Java plug-ins.
  • WebStart - Making NeXtMidas applications run via Java WebStart.
  • Profilers - Using the various code profilers and performance analyzers with NeXtMidas.
  • NetBeans - Using NetBeans to create GUI panels with existing macros.
  • Eclipse - Running and debugging NeXtMidas code inside the Eclipse IDE.
  • JBuilder - Using JBuilder to create GUI panels with existing macros.
  • Intel Fortran Compiler - Using the Intel Fortran Compiler to build X-Midas host primitives written in Fortran to run in NeXtMidas with the XBC option tree.
  • SWIG Using SWIG to generate Java wrapper code for ANSI C or ANSI C++ libraries.
  • VNC - Using VNC with NeXtMidas.