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NeXtMidas Training


  • Welcome:
    • This training package provides integrated links for NeXtMidas Training. This course contains training modules in a logical order to achieve the stated objectives provided at the beginning of each module. The course length depends on student background and typically will be completed in three days or 24 hours.
  • Course Structure:
    • These training materials were designed to be used in either an instructor-led class setting (for those new to NeXtMidas) or as a self-paced online learning environment (for experienced NeXtMidas users wishing to learn new skills).
  • Course Requirements:
    • NOTE: Training is based on NeXtMidas releases 3.6.0 and later.
  • Things to Look For:
    • Sample code:
      • Throughout this training course bits of code that appear mid-sentence are shown in fixed-width italics: Code.
      • Names of NeXtMidas commands that that appear mid-sentence are upper-cased and shown in an a fixed-width italics: COMMAND.
      • Blocks of code are shown in a box and appear in a fixed-width font:
        a block of code
    • Hints:
      • From time to time a "hint box" will appear highlighting important ideas.
      • Hints directed at experienced X-Midas highlighting differences between NeXtMidas and X-Midas are accompanied by a caveman (the caveman is a common icon for X-Midas that has even been included on the cover of the X-Midas "Primitive Programmer's Guide").
        X-Midas Users Take Note:
        Caveman Helpful advice for X-midas users.
      • Hints directed at experienced Java programmers that highlight important aspects about using NeXtMidas also appear.
        Java Experts Take Note:
        Duke Tips for experienced Java programmers.
        Note: Duke, the Java mascot was open sourced by Sun Microsystems, Inc. on Nov. 13, 2006 and has become "Free Graphics". For more information see
      • Hints that highlight new features of NeXtMidas.
        New Feature (Since NeXtMidas x.y.z):
        New New features since NeXtMidas version x.y.z
        or embedded in content
        newNew feature (Since NeXtMidas x.y.z)
      • There are a few things in NeXtMidas that frequently "slip up" new users. To help you avoid these potential problems, they are highlighted in a big friendly box.
        Don't Make This Mistake:
        Caution sign Tips to help avoid common mistakes.