MAP Release 1.3.1

This release requires NeXtMidas 3.0.0 (or later) to build and run.

No longer supported platforms

What Might Break

The MAP Option tree has been restructured to be more "java" package friendly and more IDE friendly by moving everything underneath a "nxm/map" directory. This will cause issues for any process relying on the previous structure. Please update your local MAP Option tree to retrieve the new structure.

New Features Added

GEOFILTER - Enhanced to allow any type 3000 file with LAT/LON fields. Also, output files are optional so user can specify one or both. Added /NMILES switch to indicate whether major/minor are in nautical miles.

Known Issues

MrSID - Currently bundled third-party MrSID static (native) library (from LizardTech) only supports Linux 32-bit systems using GCC 3.4.x (RHEL/CentOS 4).

Bugs Fixed

If you are connected to the Internet and are an authorized NeXtMidas baseline developer, clicking on the Bug number below will provide details related to the bug and a complete list of all changes made to resolve it. GForge DR number is included for all customer-submitted bugs. GForge entries are listed "n/a" for bugs that are duplicates or internal use.

Bugs Fixed in Release 1.3.1 (24 Nov 2015)
Bug Number GForge DR Description
842 n/a MAP: Create for MAP to handle building MrSid libraries only for Linux 32-bit
2636 n/a fix -Xlint warnings
2966 853551-1 PLOT / MAP: NPE in determineComplexMode(.) called by plot.openFile(.)
2967 n/a MAP: remove official support for RHEL 3 which has reached EOL

Bugs Fixed in Release 1.3.0 (18 Jul 2012)
Bug Number GForge DR Description
152 n/a MAPSERVER: Cannot compile b/c of removal of deprecated code in NeXtMidas 3.1.0
1779 n/a GEOPLOT: add /server switch for mobile client
1602 g760771-1 GEOFILTER: need more flexibility to handle various type 3000 files

Deprecated Functionality