MAP Release 1.2.1

This release requires NeXtMidas 2.2.0 (or later) to build and run.

What Might Break

New Features Added

NeXtEarth - Beta version of NeXtEarth (MAPSERVER command) included. A sample client (MAPDEMO command) is included in the NeXtMidas 2.4.1+ SYS option tree.
MrSID - Support for MrSID (Multi-Resolution Seamless Image Database) files added. (Linux 32-bit Only)
NOTE: To build MrSID support using gcc 3.4.x (under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 - RHEL4 32-bit),
edit $MAP_option_dir/lib/libMrSidFile.clib and change "gcc32*.a" to "gcc34*.a"

Known Issues

MAKE - Non-Linux users will need to build the MAP option tree with /DONATIVE=FALSE set on MAKE.
MrSID - Does not support all Linux system as it depends on third-party static library that is not available for all Linux system, nor does it support 64-bit systems.

Bugs Fixed

If you are connected to the Internet, clicking on the Bug number below will provide details related to the bug and a complete list of all changes made to resolve it.

Bugs Fixed in Release 1.2.1 (18 Jul 2012)
Bug Number GForge DR Description
152 n/a MAPSERVER: Cannot compile b/c of removal of deprecated code in NeXtMidas 3.1.0

Bugs Fixed in Release 1.2.0 (05 Nov 2007)
557 g760771-1 Need NeXtEarth demo and applet in MAP option tree
718 n/a Duplicate of Bug 800: MrSID data not working on new larger data set
800 g763064-1 MrSID: data in UTM WGS84 coordinate system not being rendered properly
970 g763065-1 MrSID: cannot pan/zoom outside the plot of a MrSID layer
1128 g764200-1 GEOPLOT: filter controls not in panel as intended
1180 g764236-1 MrSID: support on RHEL4 (gcc 3.4.x) systems

Bugs Fixed in Release 1.1.4 (04 Jan 2007)
841 n/a MAP: NeXtMidas Map Server doesn't switch into imagery

Bugs Fixed in Release 1.1.3 (29 Nov 2006)
751 n/a MAP: NullPointerException when starting MAPSERVER.

Bugs Fixed in Release 1.1.2 (25 May 2006)
405 n/a Need Multi-Resolution Seamless Imagery Database (MrSID) in master TOC.

Bugs Fixed in Release 1.1.1 (27 Apr 2006)
292 n/a MAP: Want a map server.
410 n/a MAPSERVER: Various fixes from site.
422 n/a MAPPER needs to handle larger file names.

Bugs Fixed in Release 1.1.0 (23 Mar 2006)
292 n/a MAP: Want a map server (initial version)
294 n/a MAP: Initial MrSid capability
Bug Number GForge DR Description

Deprecated Functionality