NeXtMidas Documentation - Master Help Index (Installation Guide, User's Guide, Training, etc.)

NeXtMidas is a networked MIDAS signal processing framework written in Java that specialize in graphics.

NeXtMidas Demos

NeXtMidas (latest) Launch NeXtMidas - Applet, Web Start

NeXtMidas (latest) Demos - DEMO, SHELLGUI

NeXtMidas (stable) WMS Client Demo - USGS Server

The above demos require Java Web Start 7.0 or higher to run. If your browser displays a window asking you to specify what to do with the file, choose "Open With..." and then choose Java Web Start (typically located at <JavaInstallDirectory>/jre/bin/javaws).

Current NeXtMidas Releases (downloads)

Current releases of NeXtMidas require Java version 1.7.0 (or later) to build and run.

See Oracle Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts for information on vulnerabilities that affects old Java installations prior to 7u79 and 8u60.

Version Platform Release Notes Demos
NeXtMidas 3.9.2
(Jan 2020 ← Jan 2019)
Installer: [Info]
nxm392.tar.gz (sha1), nxm392.tar.xz (sha1) (sha1)
WebStart | JAR | Requires Java 8+
Release Notes Applet Demos
WebStart Demos
NeXtMidas 3.8.4
(Sep 2019 ← Feb 2018 ← 3.7.0 Dec 2015)
Installer: [Info]
nxm384.tar.gz (sha1), nxm384.tar.xz (sha1) (sha1)
WebStart | JAR | Requires Java 7+
Release Notes Applet Demos
WebStart Demos
NeXtMidas 3.6.2
(Apr 2018 ← 3.6.0 Sep 2015 ← 3.5.0 May 2014)
Installer: [Info]
nxm362.tar.gz (sha1), nxm362.tar.xz (sha1) (sha1)
WebStart | JAR | Requires Java 6+
Release Notes Applet Demos
WebStart Demos
NeXtMidas 3.4.4
(Jul 2015 ← 3.4.0 Sep 2013 ← 3.3.0 Dec 2012) (no longer supported - since 3.6.0 release). Requires Java 6+
NeXtMidas 3.2.4
(Apr 2015 ← 3.2.0 Jul 2012 ← 3.1.0 Dec 2011) (no longer supported - since 3.6.0 release). Requires Java 5+
NeXtMidas 3.0.3
(Mar 2013 ← 3.0.0 Aug 2011 ← 2.9.0 Dec 2010) (no longer supported - since 3.4.0 release). Requires Java 5+
NeXtMidas 2.8.4
(Jun 2012 ← 2.8.0 Mar 2010 ← 2.7.0 Jan 2009) (no longer supported - since 3.2.0 release). Requires Java 5+
NeXtMidas 2.6.1
(Mar 2009 ← 2.6.0 May 2008 ← 2.5.0 Oct 2007) (no longer supported - since 3.0.0 release). Requires Java 1.4.2+
NeXtMidas 2.4.2
(Jul 2007 ← 2.4.0 Feb 2007 ← 2.3.0 Dec 2006) (no longer supported - since 2.8.0 release). Requires Java 1.4.2+

Note: Your web browser must be configured to run Java WebStart and
have the Java plugin installed before being able to run the above
demos (see Browsers in the NeXtMidas User's Guide for details).

Supported Option Trees

Option trees bundled with the normal NeXtMidas release.
Option Tree Description Included in Release
1.8.x 2.2.x 3.2.x 3.8.x
AUDIO Audio processing and playback.   X X X X
DATABASE Database access.   X X X X
DSP DSP processing. X X X X X
HWC Hardware control. X X X X X
NMPOST FTP client and other networking tools.   X X X
NET Provides networking tools.   X
UCL User-Contributed libraries. X X X X X
XBC Provides the ability to use X-Midas host primitives.   X X X X

Option trees requiring a separate download.
Option Tree Description Download Required NextMidas Version
MAP 1.3.1
(Nov 2015)
Plots maps and imagery. map131.tar.gz (sha1)
map131.tar.xz (sha1) (sha1)
Release Notes
3.0.0 or Later
MAP 1.2.1
(Jul 2012)
Plots maps and imagery. map121.tar.gz (md5) (md5)
Release Notes
2.2.0 or Later
MAP 1.0.9
(Dec 2005)
Plots maps and imagery. map109.tar.gz (md5) 2.0.0 or Later

Online Documentation

The following documents are included with each NeXtMidas release:

NeXtMidas User's Guide

NeXtMidas Training Class

NeXtMidas Installation Guide

Installer Instructions

An automated NeXtMidas setup program is now provided as of NeXtMidas version 2.9.2 and later. The NeXtMidas setup program is an easy-to-use package capable of quickly installing and compiling NeXtMidas without using the operating system (OS) terminal. At the end of a successful installation, a NeXtMidas program icon and "start menu" folder will be copied to your computer, making it easy to run NeXtMidas, view NeXtMidas demos, and view documentation. The currently provided setup programs include a Java WebStart and a Java ARchive file (JAR).

Note: Both the NeXtMidas Java WebStart and Java ARchive file installation programs require that you have the Java Development Kit (JDK) installed.

Java WebStart Instructions

  1. Download the latest NeXtMidas WebStart installer.
  2. The Java WebStart loading screen should appear while the program is downloaded. If it does not, you may manually run the Java WebStart ('javaws') program that ships with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). For more information on configuring your browser to open Java WebStart files and/or running WebStart files from the command-line, please see the NeXtMidas browser setup and the Java configuration documentation.
  3. The NeXtMidas setup program will shortly appear, guiding you through the installation of NeXtMidas.

Java ARchive (JAR) Instructions

  1. Download the latest NeXtMidas JAR installer from above.
  2. Using your OS command-prompt, change directory to the location where you have download the NeXtMidas JAR installer.
  3. At this location, type 'java -jar NeXtMidasSetup-x.y.z.jar'.
  4. The NeXtMidas setup program should shortly appear.