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Converting XML into a Table

XML can be converted to a results table simply by:

nM> set t:mytab myfile.xml

Converting XML into a Midas Type 3000 File

When formed in rows, XML be converted to a Midas Blue 3000 file:

nM> convert myfile.xml XML2B mytype3000file.tmp

XML and URLs

A Web server which serves XML can be imported into NeXtMidas simply with the CONVERT command:

nM> convert http://myserver:port/cgi-bin/ XML2TAB tab
Or with with a connection timeout of 5 seconds and a read timeout of 30 seconds.
nM> convert http://myserver:port/cgi-bin/{connecttimeout=5,timeout=30} XML2TAB tab
See EXPLAIN CONVERT and the XMLFile API for more information.