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  • System Requirements:
    • This class was designed to be taught using 32-bit Linux systems and has been tested on RHEL 3, RHEL/CentOS 5, and RHEL/CentOS 6 (though later RedHat versions should work fine).
      • This in no way implies that NeXtMidas will not run on Windows, 64-bit Linux, or other platforms (it runs fine on those systems). It is just saying that the examples/labs are provided with this setup in mind.
  • Required Software:
    NeXtMidas (
    This training requires NeXtMidas 3.6.0 or later.
    Java (
    Java 7 or later (see the NeXtMidas Release Notes for details).
    Java 7 Documentation (optional, but highly recommended).
    Text Editor
    Any standard plain-text editor will do, vi is the most popular, but emacs and nedit also work well.
  • Optional Software (used for advanced topics):
    Eclipse (Eclipse Sections Only)
    Eclipse Mars.1 Release (4.5.1)
    NetBeans (NetBeans Sections Only)
    NetBeans 6.5 along with the NetBeans Profiler and the C/C++ Pack all of which are available at
    Intel Fortran Compiler (X-Midas Interoperability Sections Only)
    Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux (minimum version 11.1).
    Note: The Intel Fortran Compiler 9.0 does NOT work correctly!
    X-Midas (X-Midas Interoperability Sections Only)
    X-Midas 4.8.0 (or later); or X-Midas Classic 0.1.5b2 (or later).
    See the X-Midas installation documentation for more details.